Rock Band

There aren’t many bands that get to make six albums. There are fewer still that manage to get to that number without turning in a sub-par record at some point. And those whose sixth album turns out to be their best ever? Well… you do the math.

That’s where beloved indie legends Screamfeeder found themselves in 2003, having experienced significant success with their 1996 breakthrough album Kitten Licks and 2000’s Rocks On The Soul.

By the beginning of 2004, Screamfeeder had been from Homebake to the Big Day Out via all points in between. Bunny was released as the fourth single from the album, and the noise around Screamfeeder was reaching a crescendo.

In March 2004, the band departed for the US (including SXSW), New Zealand, the UK and various points in between. By mid-April, after travelling 26,000 miles around the world, playing on 3 continents, the dust was settling on what was, by pretty much any measure, one of most successful periods of the band’s history. It remains a high-water mark in the Screamfeeder story.

And so we come to 2020. The first five Screamfeeder albums have already been released on vinyl and have sold out. It’s now time for Take You Apart, with the record has been completely remastered from the source mixes, specifically for vinyl and sounding better than ever. If it was released today, would it still be a hit? Shit yeah.. this is ageless, fiercely intelligent and viscerally powerful rock music. They don’t make them like this any more.

Screamfeeder playing a live Gig.

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