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Anthemic anti-pop has a new caretaker, in the form of Sydney trio Sinclaire.

The new project of Michael Cross (vocals), Aiden Turner (guitar), and Jake Sheath (keyboard / synth) may seem far from the the metal and punk scene in which they initially made their start, however the result is an exceptionally polished and refined pop discography sure to shake the Australian music scene to its core.

“With a live band element at our centre, we wanted to write music inspired by pop and electronic, with emotionally driven lyrics and real instruments used tastefully,” Cross explains.

Last year served up a delightful debut from the four-piece, with their first EP ‘Now I’m Ready To Start’ bridging the gap between their heavier origins and their newfound search for glistening, emotive pop. With its release following a stint on Aussie heavyweights Trophy Eyes’ national tour, Sinclaire garnered a loyal local following, leading to a sold-out headline launch show in support of the release, and a show at Sydney’s Metro Theatre in support of Arizonian giants The Maine.

After taking some time off to continue their path to reinvention, Sinclaire returned in July with the first taste of their delightfully delectable dream pop direction in ‘I Needed You’, followed by August single ‘Let’s Fly To Rome’. Now the trio deliver a change of pace in their dance floor ready new release ‘coolman’.

Sinclaire playing a live Gig.

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