Sophisticated Dingo

Sophisticated Dingo

Trash Pop Rock

Sophisticated Dingo are an endearing and unstoppable Melbourne duo, drawing on personal experiences and relationships to coin their own brand of nostalgic, hook-driven, and roaring “trash pop”.

Mates since the age of twelve, Jimmy and Lew started writing music together through a shared passion for gritty, driving music that is deeply rooted in pop sensibility. This common creative ground saw the duo release their debut EP ‘Tastes Just Like The Real Thing’ in 2018 – a brazen and candid catalogue that showcased band’s diverse yet refined musical palate.

The release saw Sophisticated Dingo earn their place on sought-after Spotify playlists, including the international ‘Rock Out’ and ‘Local Noise’ for singles ‘Yuppies’, ‘Dreaming’ and fan-favourite ‘Head Talk’, which sits at 194,000 streams and counting.

As the love for the Melbourne duo extended past the digital sphere, their Australian tour for 'Tastes Just Like the Real Thing' saw Sophisticated Dingo take to stages in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Lennox Head, and Sydney.

Sophisticated Dingo have since proven to be a staple in Melbourne’s bustling music scene, having built an enviable and admirable resumé of supports, sharing the stage with the likes of Tired Lion, Dear Seattle, The Gooch Palms, British India, Bakers Eddy, Mesa Cosa, RAT!hammock, and Pacific Avenue.

Sophisticated Dingo having a tasty drink.

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